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3 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.13.7: Touch Screen Support added in Targetprocess

Touch Screen support in Targetprocess

We're happy to announce that we're ready to activate support for 'Touch Screen' events on your Targetprocess boards. Among other things, it should simplify the use of Kanban Boards during daily team standups.

Now cards on the boards can be quickly selected with taps. And then moved to the proper column or cell with a 'touch' drag-n-drop gesture.

The capability is now in the beta phase and we enable it per request. Once activated, it becomes available for all board views and for all users in your Targetprocess account. Should you want to get early access to it and participate in the testing, please contact our Support team in Live Chat or via email.

Improvements and fixed bugs

  • The search engine supports inactive projects now.
  • Items in Lists can now be renamed with a single click.
  • Added possibility to move cards on the list by dragging them by their name.
  • The Tags <code> and <pre> in Description and Comments are now allowed.
  • The Capacity field for Team Iterations is now editable in Lists.
  • Export to CSV now works for Timeline views when filter to lanes is applied.
  • Inconsistency fixed in setting Targetprocess Entity custom field from REST API.

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