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11 months ago

Targetprocess v.3.13.8: Inactive Teams. Improved Planning, Relations, Batch Actions

Inactive Teams

Teams are created in Targetprocess in order to connect groups of people and their work. It’s logical that one day some groups will serve their purpose or complete their work and then need to be dismissed or merged. In the meantime work assigned to that team should be archived to be available for historic reporting.

We are happy to announce that you can now mark a Team as inactive. Which means that you will no longer see these teams in Teams selectors but you'll still be able to get access to historic items related to inactive teams.

To deactivate a Team you need to open Team details view, find Active? checkbox on Info panel and click it so that it will be set to False. It will be hidden from selectors in views, in Quick Add forms, lookups, and in filters. However you still will be able to get access to inactive teams from views that display Teams as cards.

Grouping cards by planned dates. Quarters.

Planning by time periods is now easier. Weeks, Months, Quarters, Half-years or Years added as grouping options in lane's selectors. There is no need to create Custom Fields for time periods anymore.

It works in this way: for instance when you move a card into Q1 column, the card's planned start date is set to the first day of the Quarter, the planned end date will be set to the last day of Quarter. If the card has already set a planned date then it will appear in quarter to which planned end date/planned start date belongs.

Relations management on views

Now you can add and delete relations between two cards displayed on boards and timelines much easier. Just right click on a card to add a relation. Right click on the Relation line to delete it or swap the relation's direction.

Batch Actions in List views

Work on backlogs in Targetprocess becomes easier as we introduced support for batch actions in lists. Editing multiple items at the same time becomes even more handy. For instance, in lists with User Stories, Bugs, Requests, Features it is now possible to bulk change workflow states, assigned people and teams, iterations and releases, tags.

To perform a mass update, open a view. Hold Ctrl/Cmd and click on individual elements. Press Edit selected items button that appears in the right bottom corner of the screen.

Improvements and fixed bugs

  • List of Team Iterations added to detailed views of Teams.

  • Long and complex Advanced Filters are now shown in multi-line editors.

  • In list views it is now possible to reorder items one by one by dragging them holding Name cells.
  • Full details view with Info, Assignments, State selector etc. is now always shown when you navigate by clicking on items' names in inner tab lists.
  • When doing @mention in markdown editor first letter of a user login is not cut anymore.
  • Emoji support is added to Descriptions and Comments.

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