Targetprocess v.3.7.12: Minor Bug Fixing | Targetprocess - Visual management software

3 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.7.12: Minor Bug Fixing

Fixed Bugs

  • Customize cards: "Progress" unit shows 0% for completed work if it's estimated at 0 points/hours
  • Fixed: Failed drag-n-drop of a card with custom fields if drop-down custom fields are lanes
  • Fixed: Team iteration split error "[UserStory.Effort]: Effort should be equal or greater than zero."
  • Fixed: Custom Rule 'Assign Task to a person who started it'
  • Fixed: Loss of custom field values on a card moved within a multi-select custom field lane
  • Fixed: Avatars of Targetprocess users are not shown in the 'Owner' field list on a Request view
  • Improved performance when expanding hierarchical lists


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