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4 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.7.6: Improved Axes Ordering, Stacked Bar Charts

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Custom Graphical Reports

Improved Axes Ordering

Starting from 3.7.6 date axes will appear in chronological order.  So reports for an 'Iteration', 'Release' or 'Team Iteration' will be sorted by their Start Date and reports on the 'Build' axis - by the Date property.

'Entity States' axis items are now in the same order as set in the Process Workflow.  States are now grouped and ordered in the same way for Reports, Board and List views.

376 cgr state order

Stacked bar charts

We've added a new type of report - a stacked bar. Now you can create a bar chart with a cumulative effect and compare the contributions of individual items to the whole value across some category.

For example, compare the effort across Releases that were completed by different Teams.

376 cgr stacked chart 2

Setup reports for 'Time', 'Tag' and 'Assigned Effort' categories

In v.3.7.6 we've also introduced the ability to build reports based on Tags, Time and Assigned Effort.

376 cgr new card

You can use the Resources Index to see what fields are available to be used in such reports.

As an example using Tags  as a source item, here is a report of the entity counts that are assigned to particular tags:

376 cgr tag report

The Assigned Effort item represents the effort assigned to a user in a particular role. For example, we can build a report to see the effort assigned to users in the Developer role.

376 cgr assigned effort report


Find more examples of new reports in a "Templates" tab of a Report Setup.

QA Area: Individual Test Cases order in Test Plans

As you know a test case can be linked to many different test plans. Previously a "Test Case A" couldn't be put before a "Test Case B" in a "Test Plan B" if they were placed in a different order in a "Test Plan A". Starting from the new version test cases may be put in a different order in different test plans and be executed accordingly.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 09.25.49 5

QA Area: Clickable Last Run Results unit on a User Story view

When you need to review user story test plan run results, you can simply click a 'Test Plan Runs' unit on a user story view and have run results opened.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.09.08 2

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed Quick Add performance

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