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4 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.7.9: Multiple Selection Custom Fields as Lanes

Multiple selection custom fields as lanes

Starting with v.3.7.9 you can now use a multiple selection custom field as a lane on a view.

When you drag and drop the card between columns, you will add another selection to the list of values that have been selected for this card.

As an example, I have a Board view of Requests grouped by a multi-select custom field called 'Area'. When I drag the card from 'No Value' to 'Import' and then to 'Help Desk', this request will have the 'Import' and 'Help Desk' values selected.

You can also filter by the values of this custom field. For example, if I filter the cards by '?Area.contains('Import'), then I see the cards in the columns that have at least 'Import' selected.

req by area

Fixed Bugs

  • #108913 Fixed Mylyn connector to work with v.3.7.8+
  • #86364 Fixed View scrolling problem on MacOS
  • #110114 Fixed "Invalid slice definition" error on a board loading when multi-select and drop-down CFs have the same name
  • #105778 Fixed broken view and view setup if custom field was renamed or deleted
  • #106283 Fixed confusing message on the 'Relations' tab if related entity belongs to deleted project
  • #109375 Fixed Epic/Feature lanes to show State, Project, Effort units
  • #109658 Fixed error when trying to add a tableau report widget to a dashboard
  • #109963 Fixed plugin exception: "The process cannot access the file"
  • #100581 Fixed: unable to change entity state if "Custom Field Constraint" mashup installed

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