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5 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.1: Localization, Custom Fields for Users, Improved Webhooks

Brief summary of this article:

Per user Language Localization

With this release, a user can now choose their preferred language for the Targetprocess v.3 interface.  From the user profile, choose from the available languages and then update the profile.  We currently have English, Russian and German translations available.

Custom fields for Users and Requesters

Now, you can also create custom fields for Users and Requesters.  For example, you can add a location to the drop-down menu to track what office someone is working from.  Calculated custom fields are also supported, so you can write formals for something like "Time spent for the last 7 days" by using a formula:  Times.Where(Date>Today.AddDays(-7)).Sum(Spent)

We've been working hard to make more improvements for Custom Fields.  Now, Process Admins and Administrators that have the required permissions to change Custom Fields will see a quick link to 'Set up Custom Fields' on the entity view, which loads a screen to modify Custom Fields in a new tab.

Webhooks Improvements:  Changed fields for Update triggers and more fields available

Starting with version 3.8.1 we've increased the number of fields and entities available for webhooks.  You can find an updated list with all the fields here.

You can also now subscribe to a particular field to track its values before and after an update happens.  In our guide, you can find an example of how this works.

Minor features:

  • Custom fields for Team Iteration are no longer part of a specific Process
  • All custom fields are now shown when using the Quick Add for Time
  • 'Reply-to:' e-mails should be processed and added as requesters along with 'From:' e-mail addresses
  • The User Voice satisfaction rating widget is now integrated into Targetprocess

Fixed Bugs

  • Custom field values are no longer deleted from a database if the custom field is removed
  • Initial and Final team states are no longer generalized if the board shows only one sub-workflow
  • Number & money custom fields are now sorted as a number instead of a text in Lists
  • Calculated custom field values no longer disappear when their related values change
  • Fixed an endless load that happened when a user without edit permissions modified a TP entity custom field
  • Fixed drag-and-drop of a card from the clipboard to a board with cell paging
  • Fixed: Commenting with @mentions doesn't work properly in MS Edge Browser
  • Fixed Task creator plugin: Tasks don't inherit Team from parent User Story
  • Fixed: Cannot add epic to a cell on a 'Projects' or 'Dropdown custom field' board
  • Fixed: Quick Add fails in List mode when trying to add a card into the user lane if they are assigned to an inactive project
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