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5 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.2: Custom Fields for Programs, Allocations in a Project View

Minor Improvements

 Custom Fields for Programs

You can now organize your project portfolio by categories. You might have your working Projects grouped into Programs. Now, by means of custom fields for Programs, you can categorize them by type, value driver or prioritization criteria. For example, we have several programs with multiple projects and our Programs are categorized by business direction: Finance, R&D, Finance, etc.

Allocations improved

  • Allocations tab added to a Project view

  • Anticipated Date info displays on mouse hover over the Name along with the all allocation line
  • Anticipated/Forecasted End Dates added on a Project view

Custom Business Rule: when a User Story is assigned to a Team all its tasks and bugs are assigned as well


Fixed bugs

  • Web Hooks can  access custom fields by name
  • Fixed: sorting axes by custom fields in a List view
  • Fixed: color coding for bugs and tasks on a Flow Tab
  • Fixed: copy default values of custom fields if Process is cloned, calculated custom fields cloning fixed.
  • Fixed: 'show more' in a Backlog column, filtering by 'Backlog', i.e. ?TeamIteration is ‘Backlog’
  • Disable ability to change Project field for Tasks
  • Fixed: display of a 'Money' custom field in Follow email notifications.
  • Fixed: redirect to a v.3 if logging is performed from the Targetprocess website
  • Fixed: Null Reference exception if required NumericPriority field is not set
  • Fixed: alignment of programs and project names in a Project/Team selector
  • Fixed: "UserStory should be specified" error on a try to add a Task to a User Story - Effort cell
  • Fixed: lookup filters layout for the case when no entities are available
  • Fixed: sorting order for Roles to work by name not by ID in all selectors
  • Fixed: 'Invalid slice definition' exception when a board with deleted project context is open
  • Fixed: ability to change a Project for a Bug that is created during Test Plan Run execution
  • Fixed: 4-digit numbers display in a 'Time Spent' custom unit
  • Fixed: performance of a List view with calculated custom fields
  • Fixed: export of Test Step with a multiline description
  • Fixed: performance of a quick add [+] from an entity view
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