Targetprocess v.3.8.8
4 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.8.8: Custom Fields ordering, Text widget for Dashboards, minor design changes, bug fixes

Custom Fields ordering in entity views

Do you use a lot of custom fields? Now you can change the order in which they are displayed! Place the most important Custom Fields at the top of the list, or group them by category to make your views more readable and adaptable to your needs.

For example, let's say you have the following list of Custom fields for a Project:

Which displays like this in a Project view:

You might decide you want to see all budget fields first. To do this, open the Custom Fields menu in Settings, hover the mouse over the corresponding field, and pull it into the position you want to see it on the view:

Now, budgets will be displayed first:

Dashboard widget: Text

A new text widget has been added to the widgets on Dashboard. Now, you can easily write up important details about current Project status and attach this information to your Dashboard.

Minor design changes

We've redesigned the progress bar and made general improvements to optimize:

  • card hover
  • cards selection
  • display of active entities
  • entity deletion
  • background highlighting
  • system performance 

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed image copy/paste duplication in Description
  • Fixed issue with password restore for inactive users
  • Fixed an issue with TFS Plugin not working with Visual Studio 2015
  • Fixed support for HTTP byte range request in tpondemand
  • Fixed the "Follow Activity" widget

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