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11 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.10 Release Last Iteration

Today we started last iteration of v.2.10 release. This iteration dedicated to some small features, bug fixing and pre-release activities. Three new features in the iterations are:

  • Plugin: As Requester I want to get auto-reply message when I am added to some Request
  • Bind Emails/Requests based on Key in Subject to a specific project
  • Help Desk Tickets (bind emails to request based on ticket ID automatically)

Also we are working on AjaxControlToolkit replacement with ExtJS. There are many ajax-based functionality in TargetProcess and it appeared that AjaxControlToolkit has bad performance if used extensively. Each control has too many dependencies and loads too many javascript. ExtJS provides much nicer framework for UI components.

We expect to release v.2.10 in the end of the next week (10-July).

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