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11 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.13.8: Better Permissions and Build Management

We have released v.2.13.8 that includes several useful features.

Better Permissions

Sometimes you need to restrict permissions on People. For example, you don't want to allow a customer see other customers in People area. Now it is possible via Role concept. Just create new role and disable access to People area.

Targetprocess Image

Improved Builds Management

Build was quite restricted entity in TargetProcess. Now it has power behind. You may create custom fields for builds, add comments and attachments, search for builds, etc.

Also Build View has two new tabs:

  • Working Items. Contains all stories, bugs and tasks that were completed in this build.
  • Source. Contains all source code associated with stories/tasks/bugs in this build.

Targetprocess Image

Assign Tasks Quickly

Some usability improvements were added to the quick assign control. Now you may quickly assign story or task to yourself. If you need to assign it to someone else, grouping by Roles help to find required person.

Targetprocess Image

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