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10 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.20.11 Released

We are happy to announce this release which includes 2 long anticipated new features:

  • Mass update of user stories to tie them to a single feature
  • Duplicate bugs management

Let's see in which context they can be used:

You're a Product Owner. You decide that some user stories should be associated with one feature and you want to update them all at once.

Before 2.20.11 you had to open the edit page for each user story and attach stories to feature one by one. Now you can update the batch of user stories and link them all to one feature in a few clicks. A new option 'Feature To' has been added to 'More Actions' menu in User Stories list.

You just select user stories, open 'More Actions', select the feature and click the 'Update' button.

Targetprocess Image

Duplicate bugs functionality will be helpful for testers, developers, QA managers and all those who deal with defects.

Now it's possible to:

  • mark bug(s) as duplicate(s) of a master bug;
  • change state of duplicate while setting the relation with primary bug;
  • filter the list of bugs, see all duplicates in the selected scope and export it to CSV file;
  • undo the duplication;
  • you can even quickly mark bug as duplicate using a tag with the syntax 'duplicateOf#bug_ID';
  • quickly switch linked bugs details: tag of a duplicate bug is hyperlinked and primary bug has a new table called Duplicates above the description;

As a side effect of this feature tags functionality was extended: now you can easily delete tags from the entity detail view and perform a wild-card filtering of lists by tags.  Read more on duplicates management in our next post New feature in 2.20.11: Bug Duplicates Management (it's very visual with plenty of screenshots).

Fixed Bugs

We've also fixed 25 (!) bugs in this release

#28854 Cannot login into system after personals setting change from Google Chrome
#29012 Process > Workflow: js error when save states changes
#28674 NHibernate.HibernateException: when the transaction logs > 2 GB
#30904 Remove right click context menu in WYSIWYG, but preserve it for tables formatting
#31009 Whoops in list of User stories after clicking on "Print"
#31299 Failed to generate custom report if CF of entity type is included.
#31509 Incorrect tasks order in ToDo sorted by Rank after USs were re-prioritized.
#31683 Whoops in attempt to apply saved filter by user who has been deleted
#31617 Failed to change related entity state if parent entity is in final state and belongs to another Process.
#31297 Team members roles are mixed in particular case.
#28847 Time Sheet. Entities from deleted project still exist on Time Sheet page.
#30568 User Story - Inline edit - click out - removes feature if it's from another project
#31366 Even if user story has no tasks it should be listed on Task Board for selected release / iteration
#31455 Incorrect role appears in effort fields while inline editing bugs.
#31475 Whoops in Test plan run if delete &TestPlanRunID=xxx from URL
#27815 Add/Edit Time pop-up appears if user performs general search from Timesheet page
#28399 Task details, "Times" tab: incorect number of time spend records calculation
#30017 "Save&Add new" task: user story value should be saved
#30191 Context is reset after moving entity
#28846 Form validation runs after clicking on Search from Add/Edit page.
#30303 Can’t customize Planning in Process if product was installed as separated web site.
#31506 State duplication after dbClick on drop-down
#31648 Replace inline edit icons in lists
#31334 Progress Summary report contains only Test Cases only from Test Plun Runs
#31727 Hide inactive users from Team page and Time Sheet

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