TargetProcess v.2.20.13 Released With Scrum-ban Support | Targetprocess - Visual management software

9 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.20.13 Released With Scrum-ban Support

Brief summary of this article:


Kanban: Filter by iterations and releases
You can filter stories and bugs on Kanban Board by release and iterations now. This filtering enables  Scrum-ban development process and makes Kanban Board useful for iterative development activities like Release or Iteration tracking.


Other improvements
* Project Menu improved. You can quickly select/deselect all projects.
* Predefined Scrum process added (for new installs only)
* ID of the entity should be visible on Yesterday page

Fixed Bugs

#31888 Required custom field prevent process of the project to be changed
#31331 System.OutOfMemoryException during large csv file import

On-demand servers will be upgraded over the weekend.

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