TargetProcess v.2.20.6 Released | Targetprocess - Visual management software

9 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.20.6 Released

Brief summary of this article:

This release has significant performance improvements and you should experience less than 3 seconds response time on most pages, including lists, views, kanban board, time sheet, task board. Let us know if you still have slow response time on these pages after update.


#30751 Performance improved significantly
#30329 Entity Lookup popup updated (re-written on ExtJS for faster performance)
#30597 TFS 2010 integration added

Fixed Bugs

#30494 Upgrade to failed when DB is case sensitive
#30304 Spell checker disabled in WYSIWYG
#30800 "Iteration Plan Grid" link removed from Help Panel
#30824 Taskboard: assignment control fixed
#30524 Antlr.Runtime.MismatchedTreeNodeException when adding custom field
#30518 Custom Reports & Predefined Reports gives 404 error. When MS SQL Report Server are enabled
#30628 Task Board: design issue when a lot of projects selected
#28157 Feature detaches from Request when converting into User Story

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