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9 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.21: Teams Board

Our 2 main goals in 2011 are:

  1. Make TargetProcess faster (with the help of full Ajax UI)
  2. Make TargetProcess more usable.

More usable is a complex thing. It is very easy to create large feature-bloated software, but it is very hard to create simple yet powerful software. One step forward to this direction is to merge some screens and allow to do more things on less screens, and still keep these screens simple. So we want to merge some screens into one and our ultimate goal is to have 2-3 areas in TargetProcess that will cover 95% of daily usage. And to do that, we are... adding one more area — Teams Board!

The goal of Teams Board in v.2.21 release is to prove its concept and collect feedback, as much feedback as possible to improve. We see Teams Board will combine 4 areas together in near future: Kanban Board, Task Board, Prioritize and Assign Team Member. That is why we want to verify whether we are on the right track or not and then move forward.

Teams Board area works in Safari, Chrome and FireFox only. Internet Explorer is not supported so far. Let's dig into some details.

Teams Board works nicely for multiple projects. You can see workload for all selected projects on one screen. Note that you can use drag-and-drop for everything: prioritization, re-assignment, change project, change state. So you can quickly balance projects/teams load and move stories and bugs around.

Projects Overview

There are 3 detalization levels. On first level you see only small boxes TargetProcess v.2.21: Teams Board. Image 2 and should use tooltips to check story name and details.

TargetProcess v.2.21: Teams Board. Image 3

On second level you see a usual card similar to Kanban Board or Release Plan.

TargetProcess v.2.21: Teams Board. Image 4

On third level you see a large card with additional details.

TargetProcess v.2.21: Teams Board. Image 5

Perhaps, second detalization level is the most convenient. Expand projects to see additional details and take some actions.

2nd Level Details and Actions

If you want to see work breakdown by person, just click on a project name. Again, on this screen you can do many things. You can set priorities for a specific person, like first fix this bug, then implement this user story. You can re-assign stories and bugs to other people. You can move story to another state, like In Progress.

Work by Person

If you click on a person name, you will dig even deeper and focus on this team member. This view is handy for daily meetings, where you focus on each team member and see what was done yesterday, what is he working on right now or going to work on soon. Carousel helps to switch team members quickly as well as re-assign work with drag-and-drop.

Daily Meeting

A high-level view of all work assigned to different people is there as well. You can spot a person with many stories and bugs in progress, find another developer with no assignments and give him something to work on.

Team Burden

We're aware that Teams Board has numerous limitations.

Please, use it and give us your feedback so we can improve. We'll read every word.

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