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10 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.20.10 Released

This release goes live soon after the previous one. In addition to eight bug fixes it has a new feature — Move / Copy Release.

Till now there have been no batch actions for releases and no easy way to move/copy a release from one project to another. Now you’ll find a standard ‘More Actions’ menu in the top left corner. These actions work in the same way as similar ‘More Action’ menus in other entities lists.

From here you can delete releases and add tags to several releases at once.

Targetprocess Image

Also, you can quickly move or copy a release with all its entities to another project. Notice that the release can be moved / copied to the project with the same Process only.

If you choose to move release then all entities assigned to release will have the same states in a new project. All data, custom fields and relations between entities will be preserved. The only danger could be to lose assignments, if an assigned user is not the member of a new project.

Targetprocess Image

If you copy the release then all entities will lost assignments and their states will be set to initial.

Fixed Bugs

#31493 Tasks prioritization done from User Story View/List doesn’t affect tasks order on Task Board
#31394 TFS Plugin: failed to import revisions if sequence of revision numbers is broken
#31314 Whoops occurs while generating QA report if there is ' symbol in State
#31279 It’s not possible to add test cases without assigned custom field
#28045 Show confirmation message when user deletes attachment.
#27887 Include images in entity printable view
#31526 NRE: when use 'forgot my password' functionality; access site by http instead of required https.
#31479 Create a Requester with NULL Company using Web Services

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