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8 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.21.11 Released

Brief summary of this article:

If you see this message, this means you also see a nice popup screen with new release announcement.

All the new releases will be announced this way from now on, so you'll always know what has changed and why.

Kanban Board Improvements.

Looking to make TargetProcess more human friendly, we added avatars to Kanban Board in v.2.21.11. Now you can see faces and who works on what. Tags are shown right there on the cards as well.

Kanban Board Improvements.

Actually, you can see just one tag, the other tags are displayed in a tooltip.

Kanban Board Improvements. Image 2

In the future, you'll be able to edit avatars and tags right from the Kanban Board.

Fixed Bugs

  • Impossible to change status of any entity in Internet Explorer 9.
  • Task Board doesn't work for many projects
  • XSS. Important security fix.
  • Comments are not loaded after moving to General tab from any other one.

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