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8 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.21.12 Released

TargetProcess v.2.21.12 Released

This build includes bug fixes, related to IE 9.0 compatibility mostly. Here's the list:

  • Failed to add new entity from a list if several projects are selected
  • Inappropriate width of 'Assignments' pulldown.
  • Script error when user selects saved filter from the list
  • Dates cannot be selected
  • Multiple JS Errors 'createContextualFragment'
  • Quick Add menu has no defined links
  • Time Sheet: user gets dialog box with "process please wait"
  • Time Sheet: only hours for the current week can be entered

Other Fixed Bugs

  • OnDemand logs display inappropriate file name. Make logs per account
  • Tags and Duplicates section disappear on state change or when returning from any tab to General
  • REST API does not support Windows authorization
  • Teams Board in Internet Explorer: styles are not applied
  • Comments do not load when returning to General tab [IE8]
  • Requesters avatars do not load in comments
  • [Chrome, Safari] Cannot reply to comment after view page refresh

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