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9 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.21.2 Released

Brief summary of this article:


In this release we introduce the renewed design and some functional improvements to comments.

Now TargetProcess users see their own comments on the light blue background, while comments from requesters are highlighted with light green.

We’ve also added the  "post replies to single comments"  feature:  the replies in the thread are displayed as a tree.


Edit and Delete links are replaced with icons at the top of a comment (for a user with such permissions):


Also, now you can undo delete of a comment with replies (previously,  'Undo' has not been displayed for the last comment in the thread or for single comments).

delete reply

Fixed Bugs

#32677 Can't return tab from primary navigation level back to 'More'
#32601 TFS Plugin for OnDemand added
#32523 Task Board, "Add task" pop-up: wrong custom fields, wrong process is applied
#32514 General Settings should be an entry page in Settings
#32436 Hide Inactive Projects from Time Sheet when "Add Custom Activity"
#32308 US - Task effort calculation problem, when US Effort as sum of task
#32134 UX: Save tags clould order and settings automatically

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