TargetProcess v.2.21.3 Released | Targetprocess - Visual management software

Brief summary of this article:


In this version the Login page is freshened up. Check out the new design!


Also, we've fixed the OutOfMemoryException which was thrown as users tried to attach several very large images in a row.

Fixed Bugs

#33165 When user replies to an email sent from TP, the comment is added to the request but users do not get email
#33162 Problem with process edit (db is corrupted: Impediments states RoleID is not Null)
#33147 General settings - HD: disable the option regarding auto notification when requester is created from inbound mail
#33107 Yesterday: user can see entities from projects where he is not a member
#32886 Visual Studio plugin doesn't connect in particular case for domain access.
#32357 System.OutOfMemoryException when opening large attachment
#16789 Printable view of Test case does not show images