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8 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.21.7 Released

Today v.2.21.7 has been released to our customers.

Email Notification Templates

In this version we introduce a new feature: possibility to edit subject and body of email notifications.

Now you can create custom content in HTML or plain text, preview the draft and go back quickly to the edit form.

At any time you can reset the template back to the default one,  used previously.

Email Notification Templates

Improved Performance

In 2.21.7  performance for all the lists has been slightly improved as we added extra caching and cut down on db requests.

Read-only REST Services

The long anticipated read-only REST services are coming in this release as well! Check our REST getting started, overview and complete REST API reference. REST API will be improved based on your feedback. Join TargetProcess developers group to ask questions and provide feedback.

Bugzilla Integration Plugin

Now it's possible to map all Bugzilla users to one TargetProcess user. Just add wildcard for Bugzilla user to user mapping:

Bugzilla Integration Plugin

Fixed Bugs

#33941 Endless redirect loop when "Https only" option is used but user tries to access login via http
#33929 Installer does not copy files needed for Source Control plugins
#32522 Fix "HttpContext.Current.Session is empty" in log
#33737 Test Case Report not showing results if test run is run again in order to be completed
#33685 New build creation: Missing default value for Time field when 'es' locale set
#33683 Filter by Release/Iteration in lists works incorrectly when only Release (without iterations) selected
#33939 [Plugins] Profile storage data cannot be retrieved after version update.
#32863 Iterations list: filtering by iteration doesn't work

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