TargetProcess v.2.6 is Coming | Targetprocess - Visual management software

We are about to release TargetProcess v.2.6. It is quite large achievement for our team and a lot of effort. There were some major refactorings and significant performance improvements as well as many useful features.

  • Visual Source Safe integration
  • Inline editing in lists
  • New Iteration Planning concept
  • Customizable inner lists (for example, you may see all related Tasks, Bugs and Test Cases in User Stories list)
  • Completely new Dashboard customization
  • Many navigation and UI improvements
  • Completely new internal licenses mechanism (you may control licenses via Customer Center)
  • Completely new charts engine (flash-based, so charts are much more attractive now. I must say FusionCharts is a really good product, very easy to integrate and with a lot of customization potential)

More information will be available really soon. So far you may check new version at (admin / admin). Stay tuned!