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12 years ago

TargetProcess: What’s Next?

With TP 2.2 release general project management and QA areas will be covered quite good in TargetProcess. Of course there are many, many things to improve and we will work on continuous improvements through iterations, however we have a new strategic goal — company wide operations support. In general there will be four areas that will be supported in TP 2.3 and TP 2.4:

  1. Peoples management (in traditional PM science it is called Resources Management, but we don't want to use term 'resources' when working with people)
  2. Integration needs (public Web Services API)
  3. Programs management
  4. Custom process needs (terminology support)

In TP 2.3 we will focus on first and second areas, while in TP 2.4 on third and fourth.

Peoples management

There are several questions that top managers (who are in charge for allocations) asks quite often:

  • Who will be available for upcoming project?
  • When developer A will be free for upcoming project?
  • Who is overloaded?
  • Who can be re-allocated without huge negative impact on project?

We hope that TargetProcess will provide answers on all these questions (or information that will be used to ask proper person). If you feel that you need something like that and have specific requirements, leave your comments.


Public API is a must-have for any life-cycle management system. There are so many third-party tools, in-house applications and data import/export needs. Such integration can't be done without public API.

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