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13 years ago

Third Public Preview of TP 2.0 – Custom Fields, Saved Filters, Bug Submission Tool

Latest iteration has been very productive. We’ve implemented many great features like custom fields, saved filters, drag and drop prioritization, bug submission tool (in alpha). Since some of them a quite large, in this post we’ll cover bug submission tool.

Bug Submission Tool is a Windows application that lives in systray and allows capture screenshots and post bugs directly into TargetProcess without web browser. This is a great productivity tool for QA people. Steps are quite simple:

1. Set login parameters so TargetProcess may authenticate you

2. Push Ctrl+B or Add Bug option in tray. Capture utility will appear. Select required area using cursor

3. In editor you may add text and lines to highlight problems. Then click Submit Bug button

4. Bug submission screen loads available projects in background as well as user stories. Fill required fields and click Submit button

5. Bug will be submitted together with screenshot. That is it.

User Interface is a work in progress and will be improved till final release, but functionality is quite good and tool will be very helpful.

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