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12 years ago

Time Tracking: Simplify Time Reporting in TP 2.x

Time Tracking Practice was included into TP 2.0 in order to give the possibility of tracking the actual progress of the development. In other words PM can see the status of the User Story, Task or Iteration at any time of the development cycle and as a result some actions can be performed to prevent the possible iteration or release shift.

The time tracking makes the life of PM easy. But it is not the same thing for developers. For example I spent 8 hours yesterday on implementing two different user stories. I need to keep in mind that I spent 3 hours on implementing User Story #1 and 4 hours on implementing User Story #2. Also I spent 1 hour on our daily meeting. It is not very convenient to post the time tracking form three times and then verify the time list in order to know that the summary of spent time is correct and equal to 8 hours.

It is more comfortable to have all mine activities on one list with the possibility of providing the time statistics. Please find the time table concept below.

It is supposed to make TP 2.x Time Tracking Practice more powerful and useful with the Time Table Feature.

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