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6 years ago

Timelines in Targetprocess 3 (beta)

A timeline is a great option when one wants to visualize something that has start-end times. Any activity with duration. Timelines in Targetprocess 3 can be used:

(a) to visualize entities (epics, user stories, tasks, bugs, project, releases, iterations). Or, in other words, to track activities and get a high-level overview of how work progresses with time. This just-visualize function is available in the latest 3.0.5 build.

Read more on  how timelines can be used for tracking work in Targetprocess 3.

(b) for project portfolio management, roadmapping; for planning  an individual workload or a team workload. This feature is not available in the current beta version — one cannot  drag-n-drop cards on timelines so far. Also, the planned start and planned end can not be set on a timeline now. This has to be done in views (scroll to the end of this post for more info). Drag-n-drop for cards and changing start and end times on a timeline will be available in the future releases.

Read more on what's coming  in Targetprocess 3 Timelines.

Setting up a Timeline in Targetprocess 3

Timelines can be configured in the Board Settings (just as the lists, boards and views).  It might take some time to grid the combinations at first. After that, it'd be easy to switch between various timeline views:

Setting up a Timeline in Targetprocess 3

Using Timelines

That's how a timeline for a group of activities looks. User Stories are marked with a blue bar, and bugs with a red bar. One can see when a bug was added, or when a user story was started:

Using Timelines

If one chooses any of the work items as cards, their duration in the timeline will be equal to their cycle time. The vertical green line represents the current moment. All the activities (cards) that have not yet started are parking in the backlog of the timeline.

The cards can be grouped by swimlanes e.g. by teams, projects, releases, iterations, etc. That's how the work assigned to Team Alaska looks on a timeline:

Timelines in Targetprocess 3 (beta). Image 3

If some "work container" (a  project, release, iteration or a team iteration) is selected as a card, their duration would be a time span between the start and end dates.  If no start/end date is specified,  the timeline would interpret it as "forever" (don't forget to set the start and end times). Take a look at this release plan:

Timelines in Targetprocess 3 (beta). Image 4
With a card that we've added recently, it's called "project member" at the moment, one can track individual allocations on a timeline. Just as a comparison, the info represented by this card can be viewed in the People tab:

Timelines in Targetprocess 3 (beta). Image 5

..and on the Team Settings page:

Timelines in Targetprocess 3 (beta). Image 6
Now check how individual allocations appear on a timeline:

Timelines in Targetprocess 3 (beta). Image 7

As one can see, Alex Tsayun is 10% allocated and will leave this project at the end of September. If no start/end times are specified for an individual project member, the timeline will use the project start/end times. The cards can be grouped by projects and by people, so one can see who is allocated to which projects, or — if that's preferable — which projects have which people.  These views can be configured in the setup menu.

We've added the "planned start" and "planned end" fields to features, user stories, tasks, bugs and test plan runs. In the future, you will be able to see the planned start and planned end times on a timeline, and edit them from there:
Timelines in Targetprocess 3 (beta). Image 8
It will be possible to change the properties of work items, or update the planned start and planned end from a timeline in the future releases, but not in the current one.

See posts tagged "timelines" in our UX blog  for more info on what's coming in Targetprocess 3 timelines.

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