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13 years ago

TP 2.0 – Email Notifications, Automatic Installer, Audit History

TP 2.0 will be officially released next month and pre-orders are already available. If
you are going to purchase TP 2.0 you have a chance to save some money.

In the latest iteration we mostly did not work on exciting features, but focused on must have things like automatic installer, user guide, email notifications, etc. However, we still can show some nice things (as always, you may our check online demo with any login and password)

The most important (and maybe smallest) feature is Inline Assignment. For example, you may go to user stories list, click Unassigned link for “my user story“, select user and assign user story. No page reloads, so assignments now are very fast and usable. We do like this feature very much.

We’ve finalized Bug Submission Tool (it is called TP.Tray now). It will be available for download soon. Really nice stuff.

Audit history tracks all changes in entities and provides nice log right in the entity View page. It tracks all field, attachments and comments, so you will always see complete entity evolution. Later we are going to implement Undo functionality.

Automatic installer is a must have thing for any serious application. We’ve used NSIS for installer and it works great. It is much more flexible than standard VS.NET installer. Now if you have IIS, .NET 2.0 and SQL Server installed, TargetProcess can be installed during 1 minute. Seriously.

Automatic email notifications are customizable now. You may choose user groups and events for them. For example, you may want to notify all developers in project team when new user story added into the system or notify user when she got new assignment.

Email about new assignment is quite informative as you see 🙂

It is possible to set company name and logo that will be displayed on top. Many customers asked us about this feature and now it is there.

Also we’ve added two reports. One is an old Bugs-by-Severity distribution chart and second is time report that shows total spent time for selected period.

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