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We are about to release TP 2.0 "Minima". It is a "prove-of-concepts" release in fact with some important features and overall application framework, navigation patterns, layout, etc. We are not going to sell it in current state, since it has limited set of features, but rather check and correct our direction based on early users feedback.

Features list:


  • Release, User Stories, Iterations, Tasks support
  • XP planning
  • Drag and Drop Iteration planning
  • Drag and Drop developers assignment
  • ToDo list
  • User dashboard
  • Time tracking
  • Release burn down chart
  • Iterations velocity progress chart


  • Role-based permissions
  • Customizable workflow for user stories and tasks
  • Attachments and Comments for all entities
  • Customizable lists (visible columns, page size, filters)
  • Context help

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