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6 years ago

Upcoming Custom Reports: Some Examples

We are finalizing Custom Graphical Reports MVF and it will be released in January. So far I want to share some reports that you will be able to to create in Targetprocess soon. All these reports are completely real, but all similarities are purely coincidental.

We have a hypothesis that user stories with more bugs take more time to complete. Is it true or not? In the chart below we see that there is a correlation between number of bugs in user story and spent time on user story. Most likely we can assume that user stories with more bugs take more time to implement.

Targetprocess Image

Let's say, on a retrospective meeting the team agreed to split User Stories better. How to check whether it is true? This report shows us that this is not happening. Average effort of completed User Stories increases.

Targetprocess Image

A usual question is Do we release User Stories and fix Bugs faster than before? Let's say, on a retrospective meeting we set a goal to have 10 days average cycle time for user stories. We see that in July and September the team achieved this goal, but now cycle time degrades.

Targetprocess Image

How our five development teams are doing in the last four months? This question is hard to answer with a single report, but the next one is a good try. It contains huge ammount of information, so let me describe it first.

Targetprocess Image

It shows 5 development teams as rows and 4 last months. Every small circle is a completed user story. Color encodes feature, so all yellow circles belong to the same feature. Then Y axis represents Effort of user stories in points, while X axis represents cycle time.

Targetprocess Image

I annotated some interesting observations, but there are many more conclusions and questions you can extract from this chart. It serves as a great starting point to dig deeper and find answers to questions like "Why NEW TEAM did not release anything in November?", "Why Alaska team started to work on larger user stories and cycle time increased?", "Why CAT team works on 4 features in December?"

As you see, reports not only answer questions, but help to spot interesting and unusual trends, thus generating more questions.

This is all about information discovery. I'm really proud we will have this functionality in Targetprocess soon.

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