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5 years ago

Upcoming Feature: Dashboards

Brief summary of this article:

We've started Dashboards implementation in Targetprocess.

As usual, we are working on MVF right now. Let me describe the concept.

Dashboards will be similar to Views, it means:

  • It will be possible to create as many Dashboards as you want, make them Private, Shared to Team or Public.
  • You can move Dashboards into Groups and have several Views and some Dashboards in a single Group. It may be handy if you want to gather everything related to a Team in a single Group, for example.


Dashboard will have a simple layout initially, you can choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns layout.

Dashboard layout

We are not sure whether more flexible layout is required. We were thinking about extremely flexible grid layout where you can move and resize widgets as you want. But decided to postpone its implementation and wait for the real feedback.


There will be a library of widgets. Initially we are going to provide 10-15 important widgets. We are not sure what widgets you want exactly, so if you can take this survey, you will help us to define.

It will be possible to re-order widgets on a dashboard:

Dashboard Widgets

We will publish Widgets API and it will be possible to create custom widgets with help of mashups. It will open many interesting integration possibilities.

As a result, Dashboards will look like that:

Dashboard View

So what we are going to discover with MVF release? Basically, two things:

  1. Is simple columns layout enough or not?
  2. What widgets people really need?

Dashboards implementation is already in progress and we are going to release MVF this year. Please, share your feedback!

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