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11 years ago

Upcoming Tp.Tray Release – Screen Capture Utility

Soon (in February) we will release a completely new Tp.Tray. It is a small windows-based application that helps you to capture screenshots and post bugs into TargetProcess really fast. In fact it will be a free screen capture utility with a nice interface and basic functionality.

Targetprocess Image

There are many new features and improvements in Tp.Tray. It will be possible to capture several screenshots and store them in a library for future use.

Targetprocess Image

Next, you'll be able to merge several screenshots into one image and edit it as required. Editing is much more powerful and optimized for screenshots with annotations.

Targetprocess Image

In the next releases we will extend Tp.Tray with some nice capabilities like:

  • Instant notifications about events in TargetProcess
  • Ability to add Features, Stories and Requests quickly
  • My ToDo list
  • Automatic time tracking

Stay tuned!

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