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8 months ago

Update: Embedded Roadmap view – Independent roles for ExD entities

A Roadmap view embedded into an entity detailed view

We added the possibility of embedding a Roadmap into an entity detailed view. Let say, you embed a Roadmap with Features to an Epic detailed view. Now you can plan all your work inside any Epic detailed view, drag-n-drop cards, prioritize and open them, with no need to create additional views in the lefthand menu.
Roadmaps can be added and configured on detailed views only by Administrators. Within system settings, add the 'roadmap.configurator' component into JSON with the set of properties: cards filtering and customization, lanes setting, the source of milestones configuration, etc. Please, use our Embedded Roadmap view customization guide for detailed instructions.

Independent roles in Assignments for Extended Data Model (ExD) entities

Now you can assign people to the desired role for an ExD entity without that role having to be responsible for any status in the entity workflow.

To set up roles, navigate to Settings → Roles and assignments. This allows you to see and select each role from the required process, or roles without process, and add or remove entities to or from the required role.

More information: How to add and remove Roles in Assignments?

User type added into Quick filters

You don't have to enter every user's name manually to be able to use them in quick filters anymore. We've added User Type into custom quick filters, which lists names of available users in the system:

Turn off notifications from system users

If you are not interested in notifications generated by the Rule engine, Metrics engine, or System User, you can now switch them off in Notification Rules settings:

You'll no longer receive updates from these users which are generated by Notification rules.

Minor improvements

  • Now every active user, no matter if they have 'Edit' permission or not, can be assigned to the ExD entity. As result, you can indicate all the people who are involved in a collaboration on the entity.
  • 'Edited' is now shown for a comment that was edited.
  • Projects are grouped by Programs in the Project filter.
  • Project and Teams have colors and icons in corresponding filters.
  • We've cut the value in the quick filter if it doesn't fit the visible area so that you can 'clear selection' in one click.

Bug fixes

  • Users with 'Can edit' Direct Access permission now can edit Release and Team Iteration
  • The correct author of the changes is now shown in the History tab of an Entity detailed view.
  • HTML text records are now readable in the History tab of an Entity detailed view.
  • It is now possible to scroll the view setup page vertically on smaller screens.
  • A User Story that is linked to an Agile Release Train (ART) can now be assigned to a Team that is not linked to any ART.
  • Import Log now shows the correct information regarding errors and success updates.
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