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9 months ago

Update: Hide fields from Quick Add – Separate Projects and Teams selectors – Dependent Quick Filters

Quick Add customization: Hide Teams and Name fields

Sometimes, item names can be automatically calculated according to specific rules. For example, names of Vacation entities are auto-generated from their dates. In this case, people who create vacations in the system don't need to specify names for them. To save time, we suggest removing the Name field from the Quick Add form - and make Add even quicker 😉 Such items will be named "untitled entity" by default. Then, the name can be updated via the corresponding automation rule.

Some work items may not belong to specific teams, like Requests, Test Plans, etc. In such cases, the administrator of a system can remove the Teams selector from the Quick Add form. Alternatively, if the team is mandatory for work items, you can mark it as required for Quick Add. This will prevent work items being created without teams.

Projects and Teams selectors split into two separate selectors

We've substituted the Projects and Teams selector with two separate selectors:

The creator can hide these new filters from the view header, in case users don't need to switch between different projects or teams here. It will save screen space and remove unnecessary clutter from the view header.

If items from multiple projects and teams are displayed, then we suggest selecting all of them in the filter setup, because the number of items available in View header is now limited by the projects/teams selected in filter setup.

For a more in-depth look at Project and Teams selectors, take a look at this blog post.

Quick filters dependency

When a view has more than 1 quick filter created and there's a parent-child relation between them (like Epic->Feature; Team->Team Iteration, and similar filters) then these filters can be marked as dependent on each other. Simply check the 'Apply filters dependency' checkbox, located in the filter setup. If it's checked, then the 'child' filter will only show items which are relevant for values selected in 'parent' filter. In the example below, selecting a specific Value Stream will influence the Teams available in Team filter:

Leave 'Apply filters dependency' unchecked if you don't want the 'parent' filter to affect the results shown for the 'child' filter.

Minor improvements

  • Old sparklines and counters have been removed from the People, Projects, Teams tabs from Project/Team/User detailed views.
  • A Roadmap view exported to PDF now includes the Backlog section, if this section is expanded on a view.
  • Users who don’t have "add/edit/delete Time" permissions, are no longer blocked if they want to "Convert" an entity.
  • We've added the option to display the "Release" unit for the Request's card in views. Now users can assign a Request to a Release directly from the list of Requests.
  • @mentions are supported in comments added to Extended Data Model (ExD) entities.
  • When applicable, Project is inherited on Quick Add forms for ExD entities.

Bug fixes

  • The Program name now can be updated when importing a file containing "Program" field.
  • Import no longer freezes when a big file (more than 50 rows) has invalid data.
  • The first and last name of a user are now shown in the User/Requester field of an ExD entity.
  • On the Roadmap View, card highlighting now does disappear after clicking outside a Milestone.
  • On the Roadmap View, a Milestone can now be added when an ExD entity is selected as a card type.
  • Detailed View isn’t closed unexpectedly after a Release/Team Iteration selection.


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