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Custom Rules

You can highlight cards on the Views using your own rules. It works for all View zoom levels except the smallest level.

Visual Encoding tab looks like this:

Custom Rules

To specify rules use the same syntax as for Filters.

If you have several rules applicable to the card, it will be highlighted with the color of the first applicable rule. For example, you have two filters: ?Tags.Contains('Urgent') and ?Iteration is Current.

Custom Rules. Image 2

In this case, cards that contain Tag “Urgent” and are in the current Iterations will be colored with the red color because the Tag rule is set before the Iteration rule.

You can also prioritize rules via drag-n-drop to determine the rules' order of importance.


You can specify different color saturation to highlight cards by property in order of importance. For example, you can use the following rules for Business Value. The greater the Importance, the more saturated color will be applied.


You can also use color saturation to highlight some intervals of property. For example, for Effort property you can use the following set of rules. And it shows which Feature has User Stories with greater Effort.

Examples. Image 4

Another use case is highlighting by Tags:

Examples. Image 5

You can highlight cards that have too long of a Cycle Time:

Examples. Image 6

People who work a lot, have more than 10 items and have Allocation greater than 100%:

Examples. Image 7

User Stories with a few Bugs and with a lot of Bugs:

Examples. Image 8

You can highlight a specific card by Name or by Id:

Examples. Image 9

Highlight Requests by Email and Phone source types:

Examples. Image 10

And, of course, you can mix all the rules:

Examples. Image 11

It also works at Timelines:

Examples. Image 12

And it works for Lists (only on the cards level, not hierarchy levels yet):

Examples. Image 13


Some theory about Visual Encoding.

(Multicolor support is available since 3.7.0)

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