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2 years ago

Visual Reports: Chart filter enhancements, terms support, additional calculations, facets improvements, and a lot of bug fixes

Hi there! It has been an unusually long time since the last release from the Targetprocess BI team, but we have been working hard on some significant changes in Visual Reports. We're very excited to share what kind of awesome things we've implemented in these last four weeks.

Chart post-aggregation filters

Many of our users have asked for the possibility to exclude certain values from charts after income source data has been calculated and aggregated. For example, let's say you have a chart that displays developers vs. a count of bugs fixed by these people in some period of time. But, you don't need to see all of the developers; you only need to see people who have fixed more than 10 bugs. This was not possible before, but it is a problem which we have happily solved by implementing post-aggregation filters in reports. You can find them in the chart data panel.

Targetprocess Image

By the way, we have added a section which contains information about the provided chart data and source data filters in the data panel view mode.

Targetprocess Image

Facets rendering

We have improved facets rendering to make it more compact and user-friendly.

Targetprocess Image

Additional calculations

The aggregation function TEXT_AGG(text expression or array[text]) can be applied to categories. It combines all corresponding values of categorical variables for data points into a single value (a comma is used as the values separator). TEXT_AGG can be used for configuring labels without grouping by field, so all text values associated with data points will be displayed as a single value.

Here are some examples of this function for User Stories:

TEXT_AGG([Project]) will give 'Hogwarts, Data Service, TP Pro'
TEXT_AGG([Assigned User]) will give 'Oleg, Ilya'

MEDIAN(numeric expression) returns the median value in a numeric dataset.

PERCENTILE(numeric expression, percentile) returns the value at a given percentile of a dataset. The 50th percentile, that is setting percentile to 0.5, is equivalent to using MEDIAN with the same dataset.

Custom Terms in reports

We have added support for process terms in Visual Reports. You will be able see your own familiar terminology in the source editor, fields catalog, and suggestions.

Targetprocess Image

Team State

We have added a [Team State] field to all assignable sources such as User Story, Bug, etc. The field will be sorted automatically when it is added to an axis, in the same way as it's ordered on your boards.

On-demand chart updates, and a constantly renewing field catalog

Previously, we were updating charts periodically (1 hour for entities and 4 hours for historical reports). We decided to change the way reports are updated. All reports will be updated on-demand now, which means that a report is updated to the latest version once it is loaded in your browser. The system will keep it up-to-date until it is opened in tab. We also decided to update the fields catalog as well, so if terms are changed or custom fields are added, it will be reflected in the fields catalog right away.

We really appreciate your feedback on our Visual Reports Editor. What do you like about it? What could be improved? Let us know what you think at

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