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8 years ago

Visualization and New Year Miracles

Last week at the mini-conference, one of our guys had no time to do a nice visual wrap-up for his presentation and sufficed with showing portraits of authors while just reading the extracts from their works. The topic was lean basics, and he was talking about Deming and Taylor. While everyone seemed to get bored with listening, as there was no nice visual stuff like we're all used to now, I suddenly caught myself visualizing the talk of the boss and this worker. The story was about the boss who was convincing  the worker to bring 47 tons of iron instead of 12 or something like that.

This got me to thinking that sometimes visualization is doing lip service to us. We're sitting comfortably, watching TV or watching presentations with nice stylishly UX'ed data, and we are losing the ability to make visualisations with our own brain! The picture is brought to us, so we make no use of the imagination "muscles" and our imagination weakens.

I'm not saying that everyone who watches animated drawings from RSA Animate is doomed. But there always should be a balance between perceiving someone else's visualizations and creating your own. The power of creative imagination is above everything. No speaker or agile champion, or TV presenter will draw a vision of your business, your product or some function of the software you're crafting. There's always a time to look at someone's visualizations, and time to create your own. Each and every "how-to" about creativity includes this magic word called "vision". Have you ever thought why any business starts with a vision? It's exactly for this reason.

There's a paradox:  on the one hand, visual media is everywhere. Lots of visual channels deliver the dish to any, even the laziest perception. The problems is that the legion of those watching produces too few creators.

We've got 1 more day left in the year 2010. It's time for New Year miracles. So let's devote this day to our creativity, to cleaning the debris of anything we don't want or need any more, and let's visualize a

Visualization and New Year Miracles

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