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9 months ago

Wanted: Use Cases for Targetprocess Integration With Other ALM Systems (Jira, Azure DevOps, Targetprocess…)

At Targetprocess, we are thinking of improving our integrations to work at the items level. This will create benefits for those who manage projects executed by multiple teams using different work management tools.

Work can be planned in one tool, then split into multiple other tools to suit each team's own preferences or needs. However, this all too familiar scenario can become troublesome when all the results need to merge back together for analysis and reporting. Imagine how much smoother it would run if you could plan, prioritize, and make estimates in Targetprocess, then simply sync it all to Jira, Azure DevOps, or another Targetprocess. This would make it easier for teams and contractors to manage their work.

Watch the recording of our webinar “How to Define the Right DevOps Metrics” we hosted together with Icon Agility Services to learn how to define and collect the right metrics to see a full picture of your value streams, including DevOps.

Alternatively, you could simply share a single feature request with your contractor's team, and just watch the progress.

We’re looking for real use cases, when multiple tools are used in the work routine and synchronization is needed. These use cases will have impact on the scope of the first release at launch. Please take our short survey if you feel this could be relevant to you.

Also, for this epic task we started a separate channel, #issue-level-integration in the Targetprocess Community in Slack, where we will publish weekly updates.

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