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10 years ago

What People Say About Teams Board Area

Here is what people say about our new Teams Board area released in TargetProcess v.2.21.

  • The relatively simple overview is just great.
  • The simple fact that this really is a KanBan board with assignment swimlanes. Been waiting for this!
  • The overall feature is very good, well thought out. Kudos.
  • The board is very nice as a tool for standups
  • Using it for daily stand-up, is great view into what people are doing!
  • Overview of all projects in one place, I've been struggling with this in TP for over a year!
  • Overall, that's a major improvement. We are using scrum and I was hoping to have a good task board as this one.
  • Great use of drag and drop, very intuitive.
  • Great feature to be able to zoom in and out for detail or for high-level scope on stories.
  • I really like this idea. Very helpful from a project management point of view. Great Job with this!
  • Nice tool to set priority on product backlog item presenting many projects with bugs and features all in the sample place with intuitive drag and drop: WoW!
  • Overall, I love it! This is a great way to view everything at a glance and the ability to drill in is prefect. More feedback as I use it

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