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9 years ago

What’s New: TargetProcess 2.19.5

Brief summary of this article:

TargetProcess on-demand and on-site accounts have been updated to build 2.19.5.

Let's see what's new in this build:


#25620 On-demand scheduled maintenance notifications added

Now you're notified of scheduled on-demand updates and it's possible to plan your work accordingly.  The notification may look like that:


#24719 HelpDesk Portal: separate lists for Ideas, Issues, and My Requests

That's how Requests have been shown in TargetProcess HelpDesk previously. All Requests in one list, no matter if it's an Idea or an Issue:

Features. Image 2
That's how it looks now - Ideas and Issues in separate Tabs:

Features. Image 3

Fixed Bugs


#26691 Email integration: Can't send mail. Contact cannot be resolved
#26674 Installation failed in case Database is case-sensitive
#26670 Comments sorting works incorrectly
#26601 Assign Team Members: drag and drop fixed
#26443 "The field Description should not be empty" message appears when comment is copy pasted

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