What's New: TargetProcess 2.19.6 | Targetprocess - Visual management software
10 years ago

What’s New: TargetProcess 2.19.6

TargetProcess on-site and on-demand accounts have been updated to build 2.19.6.

Here's what's new in this build:



#26373 Release Burndown Chart: simple mode

Now you can select which mode to use for burndown charts: simple or advanced.

Whats New: TargetProcess 2.19.6. Image 1

See more on simple vs. advanced mode  in TargetProcess burndown charts document.

#26702 View pages: count of entities in tabs

You can see count of embedded items  in an entity view:

Whats New: TargetProcess 2.19.6. Image 2

#26928 Integration with Visual Studio 2010 Plugin

Fixed Bugs


#26986 Scroll position should be preserved when filters in dashboard components are used

#26953 JS exception when adding UserStory

#26945 "Request type" column is missing in Requesters->Requests inner list

#26832 Custom Reports: Filter by tags using 'contains' condition should support asterisk

#26756 Quick Add Test Case window is not closed

#26619 Observers should be able to see attachments

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