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a step up in work planning, forecasting and transparency
Vitaly Khakholka
Targetprocess Product Specialist
Laberinto de Villapresente, northern Cantabria, Spain

The new Roadmaps feature is a further step towards the radical transparency Targetprocess helps organizations achieve.

You will be able to do the planning, set dependencies and milestones and therefore, make work more predictable with forecasts for every item in progress and achieve better visibility at each enterprise level.

Who benefits the most?

While the Roadmaps have been designed to help users at both the team and strategic levels accomplish their goals, the greatest value is unlocked further at and above the program level within an enterprise for the roles like Product or Solution Management, Epic Owner, Business Owner and LPM.

Roadmaps are a powerful tool that lets organizational leaders successfully plan and execute company initiatives, as well as track and communicate progress to high-level stakeholders.

Types of Roadmaps 
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In Targetprocess, you can build a variety of roadmaps tailored to specific use cases, such as:

Product Roadmaps to plan deliverables and schedule product releases
Strategic or Portfolio Roadmaps for an overview of an organization’s strategic plan
Solution Roadmaps to visualize Solution Capabilities delivery calendar
PI Roadmaps to schedule Features across Program Increments
Team Level Roadmaps to plan User Stories across Sprints

Creating Roadmaps 
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Let’s take a look at how to create and use Roadmaps in Targetprocess.

Start by creating a Roadmap view from the bottom left corner of Targetprocess. Give it a name, choose the type of cards you would like to see on the roadmap, and group them horizontally by one of the available parameters.


From now on, you can easily plan items from your backlog on a roadmap, specifying when exactly you plan to start working on these items and when you plan to complete them.


No matter your preference, you can always adjust the view of your roadmap. Whether you plan based on years, quarters, or similar time increments OR schedule work across Program Increments, Releases, or Team Iterations - You can easily select one of these parameters on a roadmap. Now you can move items into the chosen timeframes quickly and easily. It is also possible to re-prioritize work or move items across lanes, all within the same view.


Dependencies, Milestones and Forecasts 
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Create dependencies between cards by right-clicking and selecting the related items.


Add milestones, which represent essential events happening in your company. Connect work items to Milestones to effortlessly track scope to be completed and view the progress.


When an item is in progress, we can see a forecast showing if there are delays or if it is on track for completion.


Get instructions and try it out

Find instructions in this guide to Roadmaps creation and setup.

Try Roadmaps to plan work for your company! Let us know how you like the experience and if there is anything else we can improve to make your planning more collaborative, productive, and beneficial.

If you are not using Targetprocess yet, feel free to request a demo to see how Roadmaps and other features work.

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