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Add Lanes and Cards with the in-view Quick Add

Quick Add in Targetprocess 3 is... well, quick. You can easily add rows, columns and cards.

Add Cards

To add a card, just put the cursor into a cell in a Board view and a small green [+] button will appear.

Targetprocess Image

Click the [+] button:

Targetprocess Image

You can enter the card Name, select Team and Project, and fill in required Custom Fields in the Quick Add form.

In the screen above, we are adding a new user story to the Advanced DSL Filter feature and to the ToDo (Open) state. There's no need to select a feature, it is already there. This can be a huge time saver. Check the video:

HINT: You can double click on empty space in a cell to invoke the quick add popup. It saves time.

Add Lanes

If you want to add a row, put the cursor into rows and the [+] button will come up:

Targetprocess Image

On the screen above we are going to add a new Feature. When you add a row (or column) it doesn't appear immediately. The view refreshes when you hide the quick add popup.

Quick Add in all Views

Quick Add is available in Lists and Roadmaps as well.


In some places you won't see the [+] button. It means that you either have no permission to add cards here, or it is not possible at all. For example, it is not possible to add new States right on Kanban Board (you have to do that via Setting → Process → Workflow).

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