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How to change size of cards

Cards on board views in Targetprocess may be displayed with different sizes and numbers of details. Zoom level settings control the size of cards.

Use slider in Actions > Zoom level menu to change the zoom level for the currently opened view.

How to change size of cards. Image 1

6 zoom levels are available for the cards on board views: XS, S, M, L, XL, List. More details appear with each zoom level on a card:

How to change size of cards. Image 2

Customize Cards settings control details displayed on cards for each supported size.

Zoom level settings are personal. Users may see cards with different size and design on the same board views in the system.

Administrators and view owners cannot control zoom level of a view for all users directly.

We have an idea to improve this behavior and allow Administrators and view owners update zoom level settings for all board viewers. So that the zoom level settings would be inherited for board views from Administrators and view owners. It has not been implemented yet and still awaits in our backlog.

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