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How to create, setup, and customize views

Ready-to-use view templates for Scrum, Kanban, QA, etc. Personal Dashboard, Iteration Plan, Kanban Board,
Story Map Backlog, Story Map Releases. Set up a view from scratch in 1 min.

The list of all the entities that can be shown as cards on the views, including Projects, Releases, User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Iterations. Their look and overview.

The Projects-Teams selector lets you change which projects and teams are shown on a view.

Which lanes are available for which cards. Horizontal and vertical grouping. Custom field lanes.

Customizing looks and size of cards in a View.

Information displayed in Lists is customizable. This can be done in the “Customize Cards” section of the View setup.

Highlighting cards on the Views using your own rules.

Sorting cards by Rank to prioritize work. The other sorting options for cards and lanes.

Prioritization is a common task for a Project Manager or Product Owner. It establishes an execution order in which the team should implement stories and fix bugs. To prioritize entities, managers reorder them using drag and drop on views. It is

Targetprocess allows you to group the views efficiently and customize them as per your own needs

Share views and reports with users who don’t have access to Targetprocess.

Set up WIP Limits for lanes and get visual feedback when these limits are met or exceeded.

Using the "clone" function to replicate views.

Targetprocess allows you to share your Views (only in Board mode and Timeline mode so far) with people who don't have a user login.

In Targetprocess it is possible to create board views with cards grouped by lanes. On such boards, usually the first row and/or column displays entities with empty values. It is possible to apply a filter that will hide such default rows or columns

Emoji in left menu Have you ever had problems sorting through all the boards and views in the left menu?  Us too. It can definitely get cluttered in there, especially when the menu is minimized and only showing

This mashup will disable the Create View function for certain users and/or roles.