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Cards on views

You can display various entities as cards on views. Some entities can be displayed together on the same view if they have common properties (such as Bugs, Tasks, User Stories).

EpicA high level work item that contains several Features.
FeatureCards on views. Image 1A high level work item that contains several User Stories. It can't be assigned to an Iteration, but is useful for release planning and roadmapping.
User StoryCards on views. Image 2A typical requirement. Example: "As a Human, I want to survive in a forest". User Stories can be assigned to a Release or an Iteration. User Stories can contain several Tasks and/or Bugs.
TaskCards on views. Image 3The smallest planning unit. A Task cannot be created without a parent User Story.
BugCards on views. Image 4Defect. Can belong to a User Story. Can be assigned to Release or Iteration.
RequestCards on views. Image 5Initial requirement from the end user. It is handy to communicate and refine this initial idea in Request, then you can create Feature, User Story or Bug from the Request.
ImpedimentCards on views. Image 6A blocker — something that is blocking work on a User Story, Feature, Task or Bug.
ReleaseCards on views. Image 7A deliverable piece of software. Projects can be split into Releases, and Releases can be split into Iterations. Releases have start and end dates.
IterationCards on views. Image 8Iterations must be created inside a Release.
Team IterationCards on views. Image 8Team Iterations relate to a Team and can include User Stories from several Projects.
Test CaseCards on views. Image 10A Test. A User Story contains several Test Cases.
Test PlanCards on views. Image 11Just a set of related Test Cases. A single Test Case can belong to several Test Plans.
Test RunCards on views. Image 12Execution of a Test Plan. There can be many executions of a single Test Plan that provide you with runs history.
ProjectCards on views. Image 13Groups work (Features, Stories, Bugs) together.
ProgramHigh level item that groups Project together.
TeamCards on views. Image 14Group of people that can work on several projects.
UserCards on views. Image 15A person who has access to Targetprocess.

Customizing looks and size of cards in a View is possible with Customize Cards feature.

Highlighting cards on the Views using your own rules is available with Visual Encoding.

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