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Clone (Copy) a View

Sometimes it is required to create a very similar view, but with slight modifications. In this case you can clone the view.

In the top right corner, find Actions button. Press it, then select Clone view menu item.

Clone (Copy) a View

New view is immediately created. Its settings are independent from origin view. Safely modify the new view the way you wish. It won't affect settings of the origin view.

New cloned view is always created in Private Access mode. Only you have access to it by default. Once the view is adjusted, share it with your project / team members, or make it public if required. For this purpose, move a new private view to a shared folder or edit access settings in Actions > Set up view > Access tab. More details: Private, shared and public views. Manage access permissions.

When you clone a view, only its layout, filters, and other settings are copied. Data in the system (work items, cards) are not duplicated.

You can copy views one by one. It is not possible to clone folders with all nested views and copy dashboards with all widgets.

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