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Custom Row headers

Boards in Targetprocess are incredibly flexible. It has been possible to select virtually any combination of cards and swimlanes, and customize details shown on cards. We are moving towards even more powerful customization by adding layout settings for swimlane headers.

We’ve released this capability as an early preview. It currently works with row headers in Boards and Roadmaps. To configure headers, Administrators of Targetprocess can edit script files (mashups) with the configuration details. The settings affect all board viewers.

To try the capability, please install the mashup named “Custom Lane Headers” from our Mashups Library.

The mashup demonstrates how to display additional data on swimlane headers on boards or roadmaps.

It uses new API which allows to add more units to axes:

  • customizeApi.registerDefaultAxisHeaderLayout(entityTypes, layout) - adds units to all boards which have one of the provided entity types selected as Horizontal Lanes
  • customizeApi.registerViewAxisHeaderLayout(viewId, entityTypes, layout) - adds units only to the board or roadmap with provided ID


See more examples in our Github repository.


Check the detailed guide on Custom Lane Headers mashup in the dev guide.

While there are not many ready to use templates yet, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team should you require any assistance with revamping your boards!

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