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How to manage views and put them in a structure

In the course of extensive Targetprocess use a list of available views becomes overburden with dozens of views created. In order to put these in a structure, Targetprocess allows you to group the views efficiently and customize them as per your own needs.

View grouping

Any user can create folders in order to sort out several views associated with one idea or related to one area. A folder can be created by clicking +Create button at the bottom of the view list.

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A newly created folder is marked as Private by default, which means that it is visible to a folder owner only. However, you can adjust access settings by clicking Access in the right click menu.

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Access permission settings are similar to view permissions. So, you can chose one of the following:

  • Public folder is visible to anyone. Only Administrator can create a public folder. Public folders can be useful when you need to keep all the views related to a specific team or product area in one place and separate them from the rest views.
  • Private folder is visible to a folder owner only.
  • Custom sharing folder is visible to people in selected teams and projects.

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More information: Private, shared and public views. Manage access permissions

Move views across folders

Use Drag&Drop option in order to add/remove the view or move it from one folder to another. As in the previous version, you can also set view sequence via drag&drop. The sequence to be defined is user-specific, i.e. it will be unique for each user.

In order to manage your own views, you can create a private folder “My views” and place all your private views in it.

Be careful with public views grouping. A view can belong to one folder only. This is a global setting.

If you place a view into a  folder that has some access restrictions being set for certain users (for example, when it comes to placing a view into your private  folder), this would be the case, when this view remains ungrouped for such users.

A folder can be deleted by its owner, whereas a public folder - by its administrator.

Three-level group hierarchy

Available in Targetprocess v3.12.1+

We heard you like to keep things organized, so we made some folders for your folders. You can now create subgroups for groups of views in the left menu; a three-level hierarchy is supported.

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The possibility to create a view or group from anywhere is also added. You can now also create a subgroup or nested view right in the group where you want to place it.

Hide views

If you have too many public views that were created by other users or lots of private views which you do not use frequently, you can simply hide them by clicking Hide in the right click menu.

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As soon as you hide a view or even a folder, this element will disappear from your list.

Do not be afraid of hiding public views or folders as this is a user-specific action. Such a hidden view remains visible to other users, even if you hide a public view (or folder).

You can display all the hidden elements any time by clicking Eye icon. Hidden element will be displayed and grey-highlighted.

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If you need to find a particular view, just start entering its name in the search field. This option also allows to search through the hidden elements.

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Favorite views

To ensure an instant access to most frequently used views or folders you can pin them at the top of the list. The views and folders will be displayed both in the top of the list and in their regular position.

These will be displayed in Favorite folder. Favorite folder is unique for each use, thus you can create your own list of favorite views.

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