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Share View with external users

It is possible to share views and reports with people who don’t have a Targetprocess login. Sharing is in read-only mode. All data can be viewed but cannot be modified.

Full access is provided to users with active Targetprocess account only. Access settings for internal users are managed separately. More information: Private, shared and public views. Manage access permissions.

Views of the following type can be shared:

Requires Targetprocess 3.7.11+

This is not a built-in feature in Targetprocess. Instead, it is an extension called "mashup". Targetprocess On-Demand customers have it enabled by default; there is no need to activate it manually. In order to get it for an On-Site plan, install the "Share view" mashup manually.

Share View item is added to the Actions menu on a Board (or List, Roadmap) view. Press it to share the given view:

Copy the public link to the view and send it to your colleagues, stakeholders, or customers who don't have a Targetprocess login.

External users can click on cards on shared views to open a pop-up with entity details.

Detailed pop-up Views

The pop-up displays only basic details: title, assigned users, current entity state, tags, description, attachments and comments. Description area includes embedded images. Files uploaded to an entity can be downloaded within Share View feature. 

Customize View Settings

The view's settings inside Targetprocess will determine the look of the shared view. For example: if you have M-size cards selected with the To-Do column collapsed, the same will be shown in your shared view. Card details can be customized using the Customize Cards feature. The shared view will also use any currently active Visual Encoding rules.

Update Interval

Shared views capture live data updates with 5-15 minutes delay. Changes of Project and Team selection in origin view made by the user who shared it affect the shared view as well.

Password protection

You can protect a shared view with a password. It allows only those with the password to gain access to such views.

Manage Links to Shared Views

When you share a view, it will automatically be added to your list of public views.

In order to manage the views you have already shared, click on the 'Manage my public views' link. You will see all the views you have shared outside of Targetprocess.

Other Targetprocess users will not see your list of shared views. Each user's list of public views list will only display the views they have shared.

When you remove a link from this list, the view will no longer be accessible for external users. For security reasons, we strongly recommend removing links to your shared views when the view no longer needs to be accessible.


Share view link is missing

In 'One by one' views the link is always missing. This mode is not supported so far.

If 'Share' link is missing for your view of other type, it could be related by temporary disabled mashups. Please check URL address of the view in your web browser. It should not have 'nomashups' parameter.

Shared view is not updated immediately

It is expected. Up to 5-10 minutes delays are possible.

Not all items are displayed in the shared view

On Board views, only the first 25 cards per cell are always displayed. On List views, only the first 100 items are displayed. The 'Load more' button is not supported. There is also no visual indicator that the cell has additional hidden cards. This limitation is known. More on it: Shared view shows less cards then there are in the cell actually.

Known Limitations

  • A link to your shared view is provided by our web server and can be accessed by any user who knows the exact direct link, without the need to enter in a password.
  • List views only show the exact state of your expanded/collapsed hierarchical list. That is, external users can’t expand or collapse any of the given items in the list. There is also no “Show more” button available.
  • A shared Roadmap view shows the content within the local time-range (selected with the navigator at the bottom of the Roadmap view in Targetprocess).
  • External users cannot submit comments when they browse shared views.
  • It is not possible to customize what fields are shown in the detailed popups.
  • Shared graphical reports do not show the hints that you would normally get by moving your mouse over a value in the graphical report.

Share views from an On-Premise environment

On-Site customers can install this mashup from the Mashups Library and activate it. More information: Share View with external users in On-Premise environment

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