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Widgets on Dashboards

A dashboard is useless without widgets, so we have plenty of them. You can add the same widget several times to a dashboard. It may happen, that you want to see burn down charts for two iterations at the same time, so you just add two Burn Down Chart widgets on a dashboard and select different iterations from the widgets’ settings.

To add a widget, click Widgets tab and see all the options:

Targetprocess Image

To add a widget to the dashboard, find the required widget and click the large green + button. By default it will be positioned in an empty column and Targetprocess will try to fill any empty spaces efficiently. You can always reposition widgets later using drag and drop.

When you are done, click on Finish setup at the top right corner.

Now you can see a dashboard with some widgets:

Targetprocess Image

The operations you can do with widgets:

  • Remove a widget from the dashboard. Click on the trash can icon to do this. You can add it again from the widgets library later.
  • Change widget settings. For example, change filter in list widget. Click on the cogwheel icon to see available widget’s settings.
  • Rename a widget. Double click on a widget’s name to rename it.
  • Move a widget. Drag a widget by its title and move it into the desired position.

Let’s quickly review some of the widgets in the library.

Any List View widget

This widget allows you to add any List View into a dashboard.

It is hard to enumerate all potential cases for this widget usage. You can create Lists that show latest requests, people load, active user stories, important bugs, etc.

You can have as many custom Lists on a single dashboard as you wish.

Starting with 3.13.1 we have made useful improvements to the List view widget on Dashboards. Now you can select 50 or 100 items to be displayed in your widgets. We also added an items counter to the bottom of the displayed list:

Targetprocess Image

Starting with 3.13.2. You can open the full list view with the current dashboard's projects/teams filter.

More on the widget: How to Embed Views and Reports to Dashboards

Any Report widget

In a quite similar manner you can add any Report to a dashboard.

Here is a dashboard with some custom Reports widgets:

Targetprocess Image

More on the widget: How to Embed Views and Reports to Dashboards

Latest Comments widget

Shows latest comments added to entities in selected Projects and Teams. You can see all comments, or related to you (comments to entities you created, follow or assigned to):

Targetprocess Image

Follow Activity widget

Shows the activity for any entities that you follow. For example, if you follow a Feature, you will see all important actions about this Feature. This widget has no settings.

Targetprocess Image

ToDo widget

This widget shows all work assigned to you that is not in final state, and that is in the state your role is responsible for, including Epics, Features, User Stories, Tasks, Bugs and Requests. You can hide some entities if you don’t want to see them in a ToDo list:

Targetprocess Image

Moreover, you can highlight some assigned entities. For example, you may want to spot top priority bugs or entities that didn’t change state in several days:

Targetprocess Image

Burn Down Chart widget

The Burn Down chart widget shows the progress of a Release or an Iteration. It is the same Burn Down chart as you have in Targetprocess Reports section.

Targetprocess Image

You can change its settings and select the required Release or Iteration, tweak the iteration/ release start date and include or exclude bugs.

Targetprocess Image

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