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Touch Screen support

How often have you thought about using Targetprocess on the wide screen during your daily meetings? We found ourselves in such situations as well. This is why long-anticipated feature of Touch Screen support is already here!

Now cards on the boards can be quickly selected with taps and then moved to the proper column or cell with a 'touch' drag-n-drop gesture. The tap to choose the first card should be quite long. To select more cards shortly tap on them afterward. In order to reset the selection just tap outside of it, that simple!

touch screen

The capability can be enabled per request. Once activated, it becomes available for all board views and for all users in your Targetprocess account. Should you want to get it, please contact our Support team in Live Chat or via email.


Touch Events API for Chrome is required

The feature may not work in Chrome browser until "Touch Events API" is enabled.


To activate it:

  1. Open chrome://flags in your browser
  2. Search for Touch Events API and enable it
  3. Restart your web browser

Then, touch screen functionality will work!

Special preferences for Mozilla Firefox are needed

In case Touch Screen support doesn't work in Mozilla Firefox for you please check if special preferences are enabled there.

touch firefox

  1. Open about:config in your browser
  2. Search for dom.w3c_touch_events there and set values as shown in the screenshot above
  3. Restart your browser

Enjoy working with Touch Screen support!

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